Monday, October 14, 2013

London Calling, Part 2

Can we just say it's been busy these days? I do love the blog, really, so forgive the lack of posts. I will try to catch up this month.

Anyway, I left you hanging, didn't I. I went to London this summer, and was able to see some amazing places. In this adventure, I also had the opportunity to go back to one of my first heritage workplaces - The Tower of London. I worked there for a year a lonnnnng time ago, selling postcards and sweets in the gift shops at one of the most incredible historic sites in the world. And, yah, it's still amazing. I would highly recommend going if you have the chance, it's worth the expense - just be sure to set aside the time to really check it out.

If you do go, be sure to take a tour given by a Yeoman Warder ('Beefeater') -- truly impressive storytellers that will tell you all about the royalty, the intrigue, the terror. 

Do you know that the Yeomen still live in the outer Tower? When I worked there, a fellow shop girl (and daughter of a Yeoman) invited me to visit their place and to stay the night. When I was there on this trip, I just had to look down the road to where they lived but alas I didn't see Emma. I so wish I had another chance to thank her, and let her know that experience stands out as one of the most incredibly unique events of my year-and-a-half abroad. It's right up there with bungy jumping in New Zealand, but with slightly less life-threatening fear -- although the whole password-through-the-main-locked-doorway-after-hours was spooky!

So the summer zoomed by, with this trip to London at the start, and a trip to Ottawa at the end (more on that soon). All the while at work I managed an archives digitization project, which will be the topic of a presentation for the British Columbia Museums Association (also to be discussed). I so love to be busy, especially if it involves museums and/or collections!

Selfie fail at the Tower of London

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