Monday, October 4, 2010

First Day Thoughts

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(I don't know what to write as a subtitle to this post . . . )

Last week was a BIG week for organizing everything - I registered my name as a sole proprietor (Caroline J. Posynick, Museum & Heritage Consultant), got my insurance issue worked out, received a business and a tax number, and set up a business bank account. And know what else? I also SIGNED MY FIRST CONTRACT ON THURSDAY!! Woo hoo! We ARE on our way.

So today was the first day that I began work on the project. This morning I went to my home office, got everything lined up and got going. I reviewed emails that I had saved for when I was going to have focussed time, and printed off many things that were sent to me. All was really groove-making until the tree cutters arrived to do some work in my neighbours yard. No problem - I just went off and found my ear plugs cuz I am at home and everything is right at my fingertips.

But I cannot lie - I also imagined what this first day would have been like if I had an on-site position, not project-based consultant work. I wondered what it would have been like to get set up with my computer, an email address, learn a new telephone number. Would the discussions with those who work there be awkward, or would we click? Would I remember the names of people - so many new people - or would I be overwhelmed and kinda flakey? How would my security photo look, anyway?? My photos like this are only ever glamourous or frightening; how did we score this time?  I thought about coffee breaks (did they have any? would I be invited to join them?), and wondered if I would bring lunch or try to buy lunch, and what would have been the more 'social' choice. I wondered if the day would go quickly or if my brain would overload or if I would miss the bus home (or did I park? just HOW MUCH did that cost me??). But I did not have to work through these details; this is not my experience.

This morning I came and sat at my desk in my home office. I got right into the work, including figuring out how to deal with the outside noise. I was able to hone in, become familiar with things rather quickly, check out the institution's website. I even pulled out my own resource books that I knew would have some info that would be helpful to the project (they were). It is a little surreal . . . almost zen-like in the methodology of it all. I think working from home is akin to home schooling, where you are able to do such amazing work in a concentrated time, with no distractions. But I think I am going to set up ways to socialize in a work way, to not get lonely as I will miss people and interaction.  I admit that I do wonder if I will do this for a long time, and what the future holds. But then again I always think like that, whether it be the first or the middle or the last of any adventure I take.  So what's with these elipses - and dashes?  Maybe it is nothing more than I am still computing my first day . . . 

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