Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TEDxKC - Francis Cholle - The Intuitive Intelligence Movement

Rethinking thinking . . .
Feeling the urge to play  . . .

This video of a lecture by Francis Cholle has been ringing in my ears for a couple of weeks, partially because I have been thinking a lot lately — I have been overly-serious, worried, and results-oriented. But when I saw the graph at 
9:03, I had this moment of recognition: I really need to PLAY to engage in the creative side of . . . life. Work, home, everything requires some messy interconnectedness — not just linear, tidy, hierarchy, which I find comfort in — in order to find the genius that's on this planet. In fact, I see through this video that using playful instinct, rather than just depending on reason and outcome, is key to welcoming creative magic into my world. 

Know where else this video took me? I think finding that magic is what visitors often get out of a trip to a museum. The question for me then becomes: do museum workers remember to take time to play during the time we spend creating these amazing institutions? 

(Don't ya just love a good TED talk!)

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